Let's Become Acquainted With MYL Lojistik

MYL Lojistik is an innovative logistics company that was established in 2007 for the purpose of providing services in international transportation and logistics sector with customer-oriented service concept, and that is currently a member of "Chamber of Shipping" and "UTIKAD". Our firm which was started its business with the Seafreight services between Turkey and Europe established "MYL Logistics Deutschland Gmbh" in April 2012 with the supports of our valuable customers, its customer-oriented service concept, sectoral knowledge and experience, and its innovative structure and continued its growth. Synchronously, with its global agency network it is continuing to grow by developing its service network in all countries in the world according to the changing market and customer demands. .

MYL Lojistik creates solutions notably for the Food sector and for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Automotive, health, Chemistry, Textile Industry, Building & Decoration, and technology sectors according to the different logistics needs. MYL Lojistik provides our customers with the solutions for sea, road, air and railway transportation, warehouse management, customs clearance and foreign trade with its infrastructure and communication network, environmentally-conscious green logistics and full service concept.

Why MYL Lojistik ?

MYL Lojistik which has ensured a growth compatible with the innovations in the logistics sector in a world developing and changing recently, by offering integrated logistics solutions to the company, carries out its business in order to produce solutions for warehousing and distribution activities for and to add speed to the productions of the firms.

Our assertion is creating cost advantages as well as gaining speed for our customers in the supply chain processes. Providing each of our customers in all around the world with the world-class services and business specialties applied internationally is the core of our policy. Our company which establishes sound and continuous relationships with our customers, fulfills its promises exceedingly, pays attention to privacy and protection of confidential information of our customers, and which nevertheless does not measure the success only with the financial figures, aims primarily to establish relationships producing mutual benefits with its customers, suppliers and commercial partners while achieving the results. .

Our Values

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Customer-oriented
  • Producing solutions
  • Innovative and open for improvement
  • Competitive
  • Pacemaker
  • Working with team spirit
  • Allowing for taking initiative
  • Sensitive to the community and environment

Our Ethical Values


  • We work in compliance with the laws.
  • We work sensitively and responsibly to the environment.

For Our Employees

  • No discrimination due to any reasons such as language, religion, race, gender, physical disability etc. during recruitment and within the corporation.
  • We act within the frame of respect and courtesy rules in superior-subordinate communication.Alt üst iletisiminde saygi ve nezaket kurallari çerçevesinde davraniriz.
  • We provide our employees with a modern, professional and peaceful working environment.
  • All employees can access company policies and news through electronic media.
  • We enable sharing and improving of our company culture by our employees..
  • We act fairly to, trust in, and value our employees as an individual.

For Our Customers

  • We listen to our customers, and provide solutions in line with their requests, complaints and recommendations.
  • We establish long-term and lasting relationships with our customers.
  • We consider business ethics and fairness principles in our relations with our customers.

Our Environment Policy

Our firm deems that continuous improvement in all activities it carries out, effective use of natural resources and all kinds of energy resource, full compliance with the laws and prevention of pollution, raise awareness of all of its employees, customers and suppliers about protection of the environment, decontamination with the most appropriate methods of any contaminations that might occur during the activities are the core of environment policy of our firm.

Our Vision

To be a world-class logistics company which is the first coming to mind in terms of trust and quality, and provides services beyond the expectations of its customers.

Our Mission

Logistics chain for our customers to manage all their operations, to provide competitive logistics solutions.