More Details About Our Services

MYL Lojistik is an innovative logistics company that was established in 2007 for the purpose of providing services in international transportation and logistics sector with customer-oriented service concept, and that is currently a member of "Chamber of Shipping" and "UTIKAD". .

Our firm which was started its business with the Seafreight services between Turkey and Europe established "MYL Logistics Deutschland Gmbh" in April 2012 with the supports of our valuable customers, its customer-oriented service concept, sectoral knowledge and experience, and its innovative structure and continued its growth

International Sea Freight

MYL Logistics provides high quality services and customer-oriented solutions to its customers all around the world through the agreements concluded between the world's leading ship-owner companies, its broad agency network and its FIATA and UTIKAD memberships..

International Overland

MYL Logistics is capable of providing partial or complete door-to-door services for all types of your cargos by virtue of its wide-range of contracted suppliers in road transportation. .

International Air Freight

Providing the most proper and fastest airfreight service in line with the weight, dimensions and content of your cargo, we deliver to their destination your products timely, completely and with the most economic costs by virtue of the agreements concluded between the prominent airline companies.