shopping-bagsAs MYL Logistics, our main objective and principle is to provide services to the national and international retailer companies . In this sector, we carry out transportation, storing and distribution services of around 60.000 types of products such as all non-food products, food products that are not requiring cold chain, personal care products, office stationery products etc. By virtue of our sectoral service infrastructure, our customers easily achieve speed, flexibility and minimum costs that they need in retailing .

9Good planning, speed and ensuring that the right product is in the right shelf in the right time are gaining greater importance day by day in FMCG sector. MYL Logistics, in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, continuously improves its service quality in line primarily with the customer demands and the developing technology. .

. Our services offered in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector mainly are as follows;

* Raw material storing,
* Finished products storing,
* Finished products storing
* Return Logistics,
* Added-Value Services,,
* Promotion preparation,
* Packaging,
* Stock management

Construction & Building Decoration SectorThe CONSTRUCTION and BUILDING SECTOR, which is the locomotive sector of Turkey, has been achieving an important manufacturing and exportation success in recent years. The needs for the building products in the neighboring countries cause significant developments in the sector. This growth increases the needs for exportation, importation, warehousing and distribution services of the sector each passing day. This intensive dynamism in the needs and logistics processes makes the management of the logistics processes in this sector important. Accordingly MYL Logistics creates solutions for the logistic requirements of the building and decoration manufacturers and ensures effective management of the processes.

reefer-containerThe common characteristics of the different products such as dry foods, beverages, canned goods etc, is that they have a specific shelf-life and that they should be transported and stored in hygienic environment. As MYL Logistics we are aware of this, and we create solutions with our cold chain transportation, storing and distribution services in line with the needs of the sector.

yedek_parcaMYL Logistics produces solutions for the logistic needs of the automotive and automotive supply industry manufacturers and ensure effective management of the processes. The complex logistics requirements inherent in the sector are followed-up in the best way and error-free deliveries are ensured .

imcostickerMYL Logistics manages the liquid and powder products and all kinds of chemicals effectively with its experience and knowledge and in line with the demands of our customers. .

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Chemistry & Industry sub-heading)

It is ensured that the processes are managed regularly, safely and effectively by our trained personnel without causing any damage to the human health, other living beings and the environment in the transportation of chemical, flammable and dangerous goods. We have all kinds of authorization certificates within the European Union norms. .